Website Design Services

There are so many online companies offering you the opprtunity to build your website online free, as seen on tv, however there are some charges that are unavoidable, the purchase of your domain name and ofcourse the hosting costs. If you decide to select this way to have a website designed and developed make sure you ask all the right questions before making a commitment as some of the companies offering this service are overseas. Ask yourself is it better to make a one of payment to have a website that you created and designed with the help of a professional or pay forever on a monthly plan for a website that looks the same as your competitors.

The best business website built is by a designer who actually listens to his clients needs, studies the business model and designs the website to get results.

First, the website must be attractive. Remember it should be designed to make a good first impression for your customer. You must have a professional looking website if you want to be taken seriously. It is important to consider your company's website needs, because "Your company's image is everything"

Search Engine Optimization

Specializing in extensive keyword research and analysis.
Help with targeted keywords and keyphrase selection.
Analysis of website architecture and linking structure.
Analysis of HTML source code and page design structure.
Recommendations of modifications for top search engine placement and promotion.  Read More


E-Commerce is an Online Store.

Web Development

We make it our job to listen, to research and to understand the requirements unique to your business. Our mission is always to provide cost-effective, creative, quality solutions that target your goals. Harness the power of the internet and get dynamic web design and graphic design products and services ...on-time and within your budget.

Online Marketing

Once your site is built you will want people to see it. With so many websites now around, it is no longer a case of "build it and they will come" - we need to actively promote your site. My knowledge and experience with submission to the search engines will give your website maximum exposure, therefore promoting your company. Let me help you get your website online, and give it the promotion needed for your business to succeed.

Graphic Design

Not only do we focus on your website content, online promotion and marketing strategies, we do it all in one package. The graphic designing is a very important aspect of your website.

IT Consulting

As an Internet Marketing consultant I am available for professional advice and services in relation to your company's online marketing activities


Basic websites built from as low as $300 including all the above plus the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting the website.
Domain Name: CA$9.95 Year
Website Hosting: CA$4.95 Month

Beware of other "build your own" and "free shopping carts" as they come with monthly fees from CA$9.95 up to CA$75.00